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Vennre has not met anyone who would decline a Shariah deal

Adopting Shariah compliance was critical for private asset investment digital platform Vennre, based out of Dubai and London, when it began operations in 2022. But it chose listening to what its clients preferred before recently appointing Shariyah Review Bureau as its advisor.

Vennre Co-founder and Investments Head Anas Halabi told IFN Investor: “I haven’t come across any client who has declined a deal because it is Shariah compliant, as that adds an additional layer of truth or integrity to the transaction. It doesn’t impact the quality of the deal.”

With Islamic principles underlying how the firm handled clients’ investments, Anas explained such asset-based financing, direct deals and transactions in private market were straightforward and as such, did not need much to be Shariah compliant.

Anas said much of the whole world had adopted an ESG-friendly investment environment and impact investing — where the foundations are the same as Shariah compliance. “You go into a more ethical and less leveraged opportunity that is actually of a higher quality. You end up in a net-positive position.”

Bringing decades of experience in conventional private assets with Co-founder Ziat Mabsout, Anas said Vennre serves clients who are high-net-worth individuals who seek to preserve their wealth. Like home offices, these clients want positive outcomes for how their money is invested and are risk-averse.

“These are people who’d rather not invest than to not be Shariah compliant. Vennre appointing a Shariah advisor was to cement our commitment to these valued clients.”

Because of higher expectations, with a minimum US$25,000 investment, Vennre leverages on limited availability of information in private markets. Anas said the firm can then capitalize on such information asymmetry to pounce on attractive assets, resulting in higher returns for its clients.

Among such assets are real estate, private equity, private credit and venture capital in the US, UK and Europe. Anas said clients in the Middle East do not necessarily have direct access to such private assets and that is where Vennre is able to bridge this divide. Because Vennre also aims to simplify wealth and investment management through technology, it offers a B2B solution to other investment advisors to tap into its platform.

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